Our Story

Look deep into nature,

and then you will understand

everything better

Our story starts when our founder Arimbi Ibrahim was diagnosed with a rare immune system decease. Like most people, she follow trough with all the medication given to her by the modern health industry that are based on chemical drugs, such as steroids, etc.


After a while, the treatment given to her has caused her a side effects that almost making her  unable to do simple things in her life.

Frustrated, she decided to change how she wants to treat her decease. She begin too live healthier and cleanlier, consuming all natural ingredients, continuously looking and experimenting with many fruits and vegetables that has a specific health benefits.

In a short time, she has found what works for her, she is now healthy as ever and have huge motivation to spread what she has found trough these products she has consume all of these years. Basically, we want to give other people the change to live better, full of vigor, away from chemicals , to ensure we can live our life as best as can be.

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